Hillsborough Community College (Reposted)

Well this semester is at an end. I will miss all my art friends I have made over four semesters. I have grown extremely close to my film photography professor. She is one amazing instructor and individual. I would advise that if you are attending Hillsborough Community College or will be in the fall to take photography one with Suzanne Crosby, you will not regret it. I have learned so much from her. She has taught me everything about photography and has brought out the true artist in me. I will always be grateful to her. All of my other art professor I have learned from as well, but I will always have a connection with Suzanne Crosby. She pushes her students to be the best they can be, but does not scare them away. Having a class with her and meeting her are things I will always cherish. Thanks to Mrs. Crosby I have found what it is I want to do in life and what I love more than anything. Photography is my life. I have also learned to believe in myself more. Crosby has the biggest heart, she actually cares about her students and their work. I couldn’t ever imagine learning photography from someone else. I wish Suzanne Crosby the best in life and she will always have a fan. I hope one day to be as amazing as she is.

                                            Thank you Suzanne Crosby, for everything!

                                                                 -Adreana Bennett


Mother’s Day

Well Mother’s Day is approaching. what do you think would be the best present to get your mother? All moms are different, some like stuff from a store and others like a homemade gift. I made my mom a DVD of most of the photographs I have taken and I put music with it. She ended up having to go into surgery so instead of making her wait for the DVD I gave it to her the day before she went into surgery so she will see how much all of her kids love her and appreciate her, also as a get well come home soon present. So I have been thinking about printing her one of her favorite photographs from many of my negatives. I have over a hundred negatives that she can pick from. Do you think a print of one of my photographs would be a good mothers day present?? I am going to print it at 11’14, so I will mount it onto a 16’20 mount board, and frame it. Any ideas at what you would get your mom for Mother’s Day??     

Student Art Show Ending Soon

If you have not mad it out to see HCC’s Ybor City Campus Student Art Show you really should. There is art work located in the gallery first floor of the performing arts building and in the maze gallery of administration building third floor. All of the art work is worth seeing. My favorite art piece in the performing arts building gallery is the photograph titled “The Piano”; it is of two little girls with their grandfather. My favorite in the maze gallery a side from my photograph of my brother titled “Gabriel, at seven years old” would be the photograph of a little girl’s silhouette by the same person who took “The Piano” photograph. Not all art work has a story, but they will bring forth some kind of emotion. The art show will be coming down by the end of this week, so again I would go take a look at all the art work before they are taken down. There were 160 entries to the student art show, but not everyone made got in. A big congratulation to everyone who got a piece of art work in the galleries, and to everyone who submitted but did not get in please do not give up. To be a true artist you keep pushing through no matter what, everyone will and has been rejected. No everyone will like someone’s work, as long as you are happy with it and love it that should mean the most. If you are into art my advice to you is to keep producing art no matter what someone says. Just because some do not like your art does not mean others will not.

Video Games

How many of you have a significant other who plays video games soo much you feel as if you come second to them? It so painful and annoying, you’re not sure if you should be mad or cry. It is good for people to have things to do to be able to wind down, but if they can play video games for all late hours of the night can’t they talk to you? I constantly find my being jealous of my boyfriends video games. I just want as much attention as he gives his video games. What would you do if your significant other paid more attention to their stupid video games??


Well on May 9th my boyfriend Nicolas and I have been together for five years. I need some really good suggestions on what to get him for our five year anniversary. Over the past years I have gotten him a watch box for all his fossil watches, stuffed animals, written him romantic letters, a couple of shirts, took him on a picnic, got him a stereo for his car, and I got him a kitten that is named Ollie. I was thinking of driving to Gainesville and getting to his house while he is in his classes, cooking him a meal, and spray painting him either the solar system or a tree sensory on canvas. But that does not sound like a good enough present for a five anniversary. What would you get your significant other of five years?? We aren’t really the type of couple that goes out a lot. We rather cook dinner and snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie. I know, we sound like a boring old couple. But what better way to spend time with someone you love? Any anniversary ideas would be thankful.

Student Show

Hillsborough community college Ybor City campus Student Art Show is on Friday April 11th. Opening reception is a 4:30pm until 7:30pm. Awards will be given out at 6:00pm. The Student Art Show will take place in the gallery located in the Performing Arts building. Art work that is not selected to be in this show might be featured in the Maze Gallery’s Salon des Refuses. People who are eligible are all HCC students that attended Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. The art work can be photographs, drawings, paintings, digital work, computer graphics, prints, and sculptures. It has to be work that has not been exhibited in an HCC art show before. Art work has to submitted on Tuesday April 1st at 10:00am-7:00pm or Wednesday April 2nd at 10:00am-7:00pm. Work has to be studio ready; meaning dry, framed, and wired for hanging. Even if you are not an art student you should really check it out. It will be incredible. 

Harm Museum of Art

Over spring break I went to Gainesville Florida to visit my boyfriend. He took me to an art museum as a surprise because I enjoy art. I dream of becoming a artist, mostly a photographer. Anyways the museum is beautiful. It has so many different kinds of art. If you haven’t been to the art museum in Gainesville Florida I highly encourage you to go, you won’t be unsatisfied. I’m sure people who aren’t even really into art will enjoy it. It is worth the visit. http://www.harn.ufl.edu/


My name is Adreana, I’m twenty-two years old. I attend Hillsbourough Community College. I am half Colombian and my other half is of American, Native American, French, Dutch, Irish decent. I was born and raised in Tampa Florida, I have lived in Florida my whole life so far. My family, boyfriend Nicolas, and friends are very important to me. Even though writing is not my first passion it is something I strongly adore. It is meaningful to me because it is something me and my grandfather on my mothers side did together. He was writing me a story before he got sick, it is tilted “The Princess Dove”. My first and strongest passion is Photography, I have held a camera in my hands since I was four years old. I am a photographer, who shoots in digital and film. I love to shoot in film more, something about being in the darkroom and working with chemicals makes me more intrigued. I absolutely love the smell of the chemicals; developer, stopbath, fix, hypo, photoflo. My dream is to become a famous or well known photographer and own many different types of cameras. I am always happy and smiling when I am shooting photographs. I love to be outside shooting photos, I am not affraid to tell my models to do something weird. I’ve rubbed smushed strawberries all over one of my sisters and turned my siblings into zombies in a cemetery . If you are ever in the mood for photographs I will be happy to take them. I will shoot in film or digital, 72 pictures/exposures, a disk with all the pictures, and prints of all the pictures for $160.00. I do photography projects and I am always looking for models to help me out. The projects I do are free, do not have to pay. For helping me I will give you prints. Another passion of mine is marine life, my favorite ocean animals are stingrays. I have no problem jumping in the ocean and swimming with all the marine life. I plan to get an underwater camera and shoot marine life photographs. Thank you for taking the time and reading this to get to know me a little.