My name is Adreana, I’m twenty-two years old. I attend Hillsbourough Community College. I am half Colombian and my other half is of American, Native American, French, Dutch, Irish decent. I was born and raised in Tampa Florida, I have lived in Florida my whole life so far. My family, boyfriend Nicolas, and friends are very important to me. Even though writing is not my first passion it is something I strongly adore. It is meaningful to me because it is something me and my grandfather on my mothers side did together. He was writing me a story before he got sick, it is tilted “The Princess Dove”. My first and strongest passion is Photography, I have held a camera in my hands since I was four years old. I am a photographer, who shoots in digital and film. I love to shoot in film more, something about being in the darkroom and working with chemicals makes me more intrigued. I absolutely love the smell of the chemicals; developer, stopbath, fix, hypo, photoflo. My dream is to become a famous or well known photographer and own many different types of cameras. I am always happy and smiling when I am shooting photographs. I love to be outside shooting photos, I am not affraid to tell my models to do something weird. I’ve rubbed smushed strawberries all over one of my sisters and turned my siblings into zombies in a cemetery . If you are ever in the mood for photographs I will be happy to take them. I will shoot in film or digital, 72 pictures/exposures, a disk with all the pictures, and prints of all the pictures for $160.00. I do photography projects and I am always looking for models to help me out. The projects I do are free, do not have to pay. For helping me I will give you prints. Another passion of mine is marine life, my favorite ocean animals are stingrays. I have no problem jumping in the ocean and swimming with all the marine life. I plan to get an underwater camera and shoot marine life photographs. Thank you for taking the time and reading this to get to know me a little.


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