Harm Museum of Art

Over spring break I went to Gainesville Florida to visit my boyfriend. He took me to an art museum as a surprise because I enjoy art. I dream of becoming a artist, mostly a photographer. Anyways the museum is beautiful. It has so many different kinds of art. If you haven’t been to the art museum in Gainesville Florida I highly encourage you to go, you won’t be unsatisfied. I’m sure people who aren’t even really into art will enjoy it. It is worth the visit. http://www.harn.ufl.edu/


4 thoughts on “Harm Museum of Art

  1. I’ve been there! Definitely worth seeing. I personally think the photography section was the most interesting. I lingered around there for like an hour just staring at them!

    • Yes, it is worth seeing. Photography is everything to me, so when I walked into the museum I instantly ran toward the photography section. I can’t get enough of photography. Don’t get me wrong the other art work is just as beautiful.

  2. Adreana,
    I’m hoping to attend UF in Gainsville and I’ve heard that Gainsville is a small town with not a lot of many things to do, but to hear there’s a museum of art has reassured me that my days in Gainsville won’t be boring. I like to appreciate the little things in life and art is one them. Vising museums of any kind helps you understand the culture of that area. If i end up attending UF I’ll definitely check out the art museum there.

    • Gainesville is a pretty small town, but it is beautiful. There are also alot of Springs you can play in and swim with manatees. There is also woods/trials swamp things to run around in. You will enjoy it. My boyfriend goes to UF and he loves it. The school has a bowling alley in it.

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