Student Art Show Ending Soon

If you have not mad it out to see HCC’s Ybor City Campus Student Art Show you really should. There is art work located in the gallery first floor of the performing arts building and in the maze gallery of administration building third floor. All of the art work is worth seeing. My favorite art piece in the performing arts building gallery is the photograph titled “The Piano”; it is of two little girls with their grandfather. My favorite in the maze gallery a side from my photograph of my brother titled “Gabriel, at seven years old” would be the photograph of a little girl’s silhouette by the same person who took “The Piano” photograph. Not all art work has a story, but they will bring forth some kind of emotion. The art show will be coming down by the end of this week, so again I would go take a look at all the art work before they are taken down. There were 160 entries to the student art show, but not everyone made got in. A big congratulation to everyone who got a piece of art work in the galleries, and to everyone who submitted but did not get in please do not give up. To be a true artist you keep pushing through no matter what, everyone will and has been rejected. No everyone will like someone’s work, as long as you are happy with it and love it that should mean the most. If you are into art my advice to you is to keep producing art no matter what someone says. Just because some do not like your art does not mean others will not.


Video Games

How many of you have a significant other who plays video games soo much you feel as if you come second to them? It so painful and annoying, you’re not sure if you should be mad or cry. It is good for people to have things to do to be able to wind down, but if they can play video games for all late hours of the night can’t they talk to you? I constantly find my being jealous of my boyfriends video games. I just want as much attention as he gives his video games. What would you do if your significant other paid more attention to their stupid video games??


Well on May 9th my boyfriend Nicolas and I have been together for five years. I need some really good suggestions on what to get him for our five year anniversary. Over the past years I have gotten him a watch box for all his fossil watches, stuffed animals, written him romantic letters, a couple of shirts, took him on a picnic, got him a stereo for his car, and I got him a kitten that is named Ollie. I was thinking of driving to Gainesville and getting to his house while he is in his classes, cooking him a meal, and spray painting him either the solar system or a tree sensory on canvas. But that does not sound like a good enough present for a five anniversary. What would you get your significant other of five years?? We aren’t really the type of couple that goes out a lot. We rather cook dinner and snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie. I know, we sound like a boring old couple. But what better way to spend time with someone you love? Any anniversary ideas would be thankful.