Mother’s Day

Well Mother’s Day is approaching. what do you think would be the best present to get your mother? All moms are different, some like stuff from a store and others like a homemade gift. I made my mom a DVD of most of the photographs I have taken and I put music with it. She ended up having to go into surgery so instead of making her wait for the DVD I gave it to her the day before she went into surgery so she will see how much all of her kids love her and appreciate her, also as a get well come home soon present. So I have been thinking about printing her one of her favorite photographs from many of my negatives. I have over a hundred negatives that she can pick from. Do you think a print of one of my photographs would be a good mothers day present?? I am going to print it at 11’14, so I will mount it onto a 16’20 mount board, and frame it. Any ideas at what you would get your mom for Mother’s Day??     


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